Training a Model

February 14, 2024

Here's a short overview on how to train AI Models in Navigator. Your first time training a model with a new architecture you will need to download the architecture in the wizard. Once its downloaded follow the steps below.

1. Open the Model Tray

2. Create a new model

3. Select your model

4. Move to the next step in the training wizard

5. Select your training data

6. Upload the training data

7. Upload validation data if the model requires it

8. Rename the model

9. Move to the next step in the wizard

10. Check your images, classes, and any augmentations

11. Name the training run

12. Run the model

13. When training is completed, click done

14. Search for your new model in the model tray

15. To see more details about the model, click to open

16. See confusion matrix and other data

17. Revisit training settings

18. Drag and drop your model onto the canvas and connect it to other elements to start running inference.

19. Add a "File Load" element to upload images or videos to run your model on

20. Connect it to the model to pass your data through

21. Open the meatball menu to select your file

22. Open settings to add your file

23. Choose image or video

24. Upload your file

25. Start the flow

26. Wait for the dots to turn green, then open the bounding box

27. See the inference being run on your data

28. Close when you've seen enough to check model performance

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