Fundamentally Different AI

A highly modular, fast, and private Deep Learning Platform (DLP) for research, distributed deployment, and enterprise.


Collect, Train,
and Deploy

Autonomously curate and collect data in real time. Train, evaluate, and deploy deep learning neural networks in minutes for on-the-fly modularity with commercial functionality.


Powerful features for creating any solution

Edge Capable

Advanced low computational architectures allow for full-sized network deployments on edge.


Built with state-of-the-art encryption, webAI™  enables secure solution development & deployment without requiring the cloud.

SOTA Accuracy

Obtain state-of-the-art accuracy using proprietary runtime stacks and Iris architectures, like Deep Detection™.

Low Data Requirements

With quality ground truth datasets we can enable you to build more with less.


Save development time with comprehensive pre-built functionality. Drop new code into your webAI™ solutions seamlessly.

Solution Ownership

Collect and store data locally. Train your models on-premise, and deploy them on your hardware.


Fewer Data Points Required


Proprietary embedding space leading to convergence with less epochs


Unsupervised Curation at its finest

SOTA Accuracy

Ground breaking accuracy capabilities

Trusted by Influential AI Experts

Join the webAI community and start changing how AI interacts with our world.


Easy because it's powerful. Powerful because it's easy.

webAI™ is made with engineers at the forefront of our mind. We believe the future must be accessible for developers, subject matter experts, and enterprises.


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